Fun times in Portugal!

I have to admit I had zero expectations before visiting Lisbon, in fact if it wasn’t for the fact that the trip was included as part of my study abroad program I would of never thought of visiting on my own. But I have to say one step into the city and I instantly felt in love, in fact I loved it so much that I am planning a trip back to Portugal soon!


Lisbon charmed me with its pastel colored buildings, hilly streets, and a tram system reminiscent of San Francisco’s. We started out or day by having lunch at the beautiful Rossio Square, there we tried Portugal’s famous  vihno verde (green wine) which is not actually green, its more of a crisp and fizzy white wine. After our lunch, we headed on our walking tour through Barrio Alto the most important neighborhood in Lisbon- characterized for its steep streets, buildings decorated with tile mosaics, and a tram system that takes you up and down the street. Once, we walked down the neighborhood the found ourselves at a “beach” which I later found out was actually where the Tagus river meets with the Atlantic ocean. The next day we went on a “Tuk-tuk” tour, which are basically little three wheeled taxi where you just sit and relax while the tour guide drives you around the whole city. Our tour guide was one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met, she even sang us a song at some point! Our tuk-tuk ride took us to a lovely neighborhood called Alfama, a lookout of the city of Lisbon where you could see the Sao Jorge castle, and other places that probably would of take us forever to get to by foot!



Later that afternoon we took a train to a coastal town 19 miles west of Lisbon named Caiscais. Caiscais has a very different vibe from Portugal but it is definitely worth the visit! Instead of colorful tall buildings, Caiscais offers a more Mediterranean feel with its beautiful white homes, big open squares, and of course the beach! We enjoyed a few hours laying on the beach and then we headed to Boca do Inferno a series of seaside cliffs to watch the sunset. I have no words to describe how beautiful and peaceful it was just sitting there and enjoying the scenery. Visiting Boca do Inferno is part of the reason why I’m planning a trip back to Portugal, specifically Lagos. I just have to see more of these rocks!!!




Finally, on our last day in Portugal we hopped on a bus back to Sevilla. But we couldn’t leave before making a quick stop in the city of Evora. Evora was an enchanting little city dating back to ancient times. There we saw the Temple of Diana, a roman temple located in the center of the city dates back all the way to first century BC! After, we visited the chapel of the bones, a church built during the late 15th and early 16th century to deal with the lack of space they had in Portugal’s cemeteries at the time, as well as to remind people about death. I think my favorite part of the chapel was not the bones themselves but rather a stone arch before entering that is engraved with the eerie message, “the bones here await yours”.



Well that is all I have for you today, I am trying to keep my blogs short and sweet. Or maybe I’m having too much fun in Spain to write all my feelings out into five page blogs! Obrigada por ler! (Thank you for reading, in Portuguese)




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